Numerical methods for multi-material fluid flows

Conference/workshop to be held at
Czech Technical University in Prague on September 10 - 14, 2007 (Monday - Friday)


Abbreviations: PPT - link to ppt file when both pdf and ppt are available, FULL - link to directory with movies

    Monday 10$^{\bf th}$ September
08:00   registration
09:25   opening - Prof. Ladiskav Musílek, vice-rector for science and research of Czech Technical University
    morning chair Mikhail Shashkov
09:30   Compatible Finite Element Multi-Material ALE Hydro, FULL
    Andrew J. Barlow
10:00   coffee break
10:45   A 3D Finite Volume Lagrangian scheme
    Bruno Despres, S. Delpino and E. Labourasse
11:15   Advances in Multi-scale Methods for Lagrangian Shock Hydrodynamics Using Q1/P0 Finite Element Discretizations
    Guglielmo Scovazzi, E. Love, M.J. Shashkov
11:45   Mixed Finite Element Methods for Lagrangian Hydrodynamics
    Robert N. Rieben
12:15   lunch

  afternoon chair Bruno Despres
14:00   A Cell-Centered Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Method, FULL
    Pierre-Henri Maire, Jerome Breil, Stephane Galera
14:30   Lagrangian Models and Remapping Algorithms for 2D Multimaterial ALE Methods, FULL
    Milan Kucharik, Richard Liska, Mikhail Shashkov, Pavel Vachal
15:00   Progress toward an Improved Staggered-Grid Hydrodynamics Method
    Donald E. Burton, M.J. Shashkov
15:30   break
16:15   A Pure Eulerian Scheme for Multimaterial Fluid Flows, PPT
    Jean-Philippe Braeunig
16:45   ALE with Mixed Elements, PPT
    Corinne Aymard, J. Flament, J.Ph. Perlat
17:15   Sliding and Multifluid Velocities in Staggerred Mesh MMALE Codes
    Gabi Luttwak
17:45   Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics as a Tool for Modeling Material Strength and Failure
    J. Michael Owen
19:00   -        21:30 welcome party at restaurant Manes
    Tuesday 11$^{\bf th}$ September
    chair Andrew Barlow
08:30   Review of Radiation-hydrodynamics Research at AWE
    Richard P. Smedley-Stevenson
09:00   The Comoving-frame and Laboratory-frame Nonequilibrium Grey Radiation Diffusion Approximations in the Nonrelativistic Limit
    Jarrod D. Edwards, Jim E. Morel
09:30   Radiative Shock Solutions
    Robert B. Lowrie
10:00   coffee break
10:45   A Cell-Centered Anisotropic Diffusion Scheme on Two-Dimensional Unstructured Meshes
    Pierre-Henri Maire, Jerome Breil
11:15   Kershaw's Scheme on Unstructured Mesh
    Bernard Rebourcet
11:45   Numerical Calculations for Hydrodynamics Based on Multi-dimensional Riemann Solvers
    William Dai, Paul Woodward, Kevin Edgar
    chair Robert Rieben
14:00   Consequences for Scalability Arising from Multi-material Modeling, PPT, FULL
    J. Hu, S.J. Mosso, Allen C. Robinson, T.A. Gardiner, J.E. Crepeau
14:30   Conservative Rezoning of Domain Boundary in ALE Simulations
    Pavel Vachal, R. Liska
15:00   Nodal Mesh Quality and ALE Computations for Compressible Fluids Flows
    Philippe Hoch
15:30   break
16:15   A Preconditioned Condition Number Based Mesh Relaxer for 2D Dendritic/AMR Meshes with Very Bad Aspect Ratios
    Markus Berndt, Mark A. Kenamond
16:45   Mesh Movement via Optimal Transportation
    Robin Giddings
17:15   Sources of Cartesian Mesh Induced Asymmetries Based upon the Lagrangian + Remap Method
    Alan S. Dawes
17:45   On Selective Filtering of Hourglass Instability Modes in Lagrangian Hydrodynamics
    Bernard Rebourcet
    Wednesday 12$^{\bf th}$ September
    chair Allen Robinson
08:30   An Anti-Diffusive Method For Simulating Interface Flows with a Five-Equation Model, FULL
    Samuel Kokh, Frederic Lagoutiere
09:00   Conservative Formulation and Numerical Methods for Multiphase Compressible Media, FULL
    Evgeny Romenski, D. Drikakis
09:30   Extensions of the Multi-material DEM Model
    David E. Stevens
10:00   break
10:45   On Numerical Simulation of Plasma Flows with Mixing
    Remi Sentis, C. Baranger, G. Carre, D. Paillard
11:15   The Application of Multi-phase Flow Models in Simulations of Fluid-Structure Interaction
    Jaroslaw Knap, D.E. Stevens
11:45   Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Dynamic Friction and Mixing at Rapidly Moving Material Interfaces, FULL
    Nicholas Epiphaniou, Marco Kalweit, Dimitris Drikakis, Graham Ball
12:15   Improved Numerical Modelling of Surface Tension Effects via a Novel Discretization of the Continuum Surface Force Model
    Christopher A. Batha, R.J.R. Williams, D.L. Youngs
12:45   afternoon
    Thursday 13$^{\bf th}$ September
    chair Alice Koniges
08:30   New Methods for Order-Independent Multi-Material Interface Reconstruction
    Rao Garimella, S. Schofield, M. Francois, R. Loubere
09:00   Centroid Approximation by use of Bernstein Polynomials for Multi-material Cell Interface Reconstruction, FULL
    Marianne M. Francois, Rao V. Garimella, Raphael Loubere, Samuel P. Schofield
09:30   Interface Reconstruction Method in ALE Computation
    Stephane Galera, Jerome Breil, Pierre-Henri Maire
10:00   coffee break
10:45   A Numerical Algorithm for Transitioning from Sharp to Continuous Material Interface Representation
    Marianne M. Francois, E.D. Dendy, R.B. Lowrie
11:15   Moment-of-Fluid Interface Reconstruction Method for Multi-Material Fluid Flows
    Vadim Dyadechko, Mark Christon, Mikhail Shashkov (presented by Rao Garimella)
11:45   Interface Resolution in Multiphase Flow
    Timothy A. Dunn, David E. Stevens
12:15   lunch

  chair Pierre-Henri Maire
14:00   Interface Reconstruction and Sub-Zone Physics Models
    David Bailey, G. Zimmerman
14:30   Geometrical Interface Reconstruction on Arbitrary Meshes
    Jin Yao
15:00   A Genuinely Multidimensional Non-Dissipative Finite Volume Scheme for Transport in Compressible Multi-Fluids, FULL
    Despres, Emmanuel Labourasse, Frederic Lagoutiere
15:30   coffee break
16:15   A Cell by Cell Anisotropic Adaptive Mesh ALE Method
    Jennifer M. Morrell, P. K. Sweby, A. Barlow
16:45   NIF-ALE-AMR: A Computational Tool for National Ignition Campaign Target Debris/Shrapnel Assessment
    Alice Koniges, R. Anderson, A. Fisher, B. Gunney, T. Kaiser, N. Masters, P. Wang, D. Kalantar, D. Eder, W. Brown, D. Benson, P. Dixit, M. Meyers, H. Jarmakani, R. Becker, N. Barton
17:15   Relaxation Approximation for Hyperbolic Fluid Systems, FULL
    F. Coquel, E. Godlewski, Nicolas Seguin
19:00   conference garden raut at restaurant Petrinske terasy
    Friday 14$^{\bf th}$ September
    chair Guglielmo Scovazzi
08:30   Algorithm Developments in Alegra Guided by Testing, PPT, FULL
    W. Rider, G. Weirs, Allen Robinson, C. Ober, E. Love, H. Hanshaw, R. Lemke, G. Scovazzi, J. Shadid, J. Banks
09:00   Closure Models for Multimaterial Cells in Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Hydrocodes
    Mikhail Shashkov
09:30   A Single-Pressure Closure Model for 1-D Lagrangian Hydrodynamics Based on the Riemann Problem, PPT
    James Kamm, Mikhail Shashkov
10:00   coffee break
10:45   Time Evolving Volume Fractions in Mixed Zones During a Lagrange Step
    Douglas S. Miller, George B. Zimmerman
11:15   Multiphase Realizations of Turbulence Models
    Robin Williams
11:45   Hierarchical Mixtures in an ICF Code
    Alan K. Harrison
12:15   lunch
    chair David Bailey
14:00   On LES Modeling for Predictive Mixing
    Fernando Grinstein
14:30   Applications of ALE Method to Laser Plasma Studies, FULL
    Richard Liska, M.Kucharik, J.Limpouch, P.Vachal
15:00   closing