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1998 IMACS Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra

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  1. Applications of Gröbner Bases
  2. Applications to Artificial Intelligence and to other Nonstandard Applications
  3. Approximate Algebraic Computation
  4. Automatic Differentiation for adjoint codes generation
  5. Computation in Algebra and Geometry
  6. Computer Algebra Applications in Biology, Ecology and Medicine
  7. Computer Algebra Methods in Integration and Symmetry Analysis of ODEs
  8. Control Theory
  9. Dynamical Systems and Mechanics
  10. Education meets Computer Algebra: A Double Challenge
  11. General Relativity
  12. High Energy Physics
  13. High Performance Symbolic Computing
  14. History of Computer Algebra Applications
  15. Industrial Applications
  16. Problem Solving Environments
  17. Quantum Theory
  18. Robotics

IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings
  1. Applications of Gröbner Bases
    Organizer: Quoc-Nam Tran
    1. Computer Support for Inventing Gröbner Bases Theory
      (Bruno Buchberger)
    2. Gröbner Bases Specialization through Hilbert Functions: The Homogeneous Case
      (M.-J. Gonzalez-Lopez, Laureano Gonzalez-Vega, Carlo Traverso & Alberto Zanoni)
    3. Solving Systems of Nonlinear Algebraic Equations by Using the Gröbner Walk Method and Its Improvements
      (Quoc-Nam Tran)
    4. Gröbner Bases in Fractional Polynomial Rings and their Applications
      (Giuseppa Carra'-Ferro)
    5. On Algorithmic Desingularization of Hypersurfaces
      (Gabor Bodnar & Josef Schicho)
    6. Systems of Laurent Polynomial Equations and Gröbner Bases
      (Franz Pauer)
    7. Factor-SAGBI Bases: a Tool for Computations in Subalgebras of Factor Algebras
      (Patrik Nordbeck)
    8. Sparse Structual Gröbner Basis Detection
      (Karin Gatermann)
    9. Functional Decomposition and Gröbner Basis
      (Jaime Gutierrez & Rosario Rubio San Miguel)
    10. Using Gröbner Bases and Invariant Theory to Check a Conjecture in Celestial Mechanics
      (Ilias Kotsireas)
    11. Practical Computations with Gröbner Bases
      (Daniel Lichtblau)

    IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings
  2. Applications to Artificial Intelligence and to other Nonstandard Applications
    Organizer: E. Roanes-Lozano
    1. Railway Interlocking Systems and Gröbner Bases
      (Eugenio Roanes-Lozano*, Luis M. Laita & Eugenio Roanes-Macias)
    2. Structural Modeling of Internal Combustion Engines with Maple V
      (Andrey Sokolov)
    3. Boole's Logic Revisited from Computer Algebra. A Partial Validation of Boole's Inference Procedures
      (Luis M. Laita, Luis de Ledesma*, Eugenio Roanes-Lozano & Aurora Purez)
    4. Simplification for the Laplace--Beltrami Operator
      (Shigekazu Nakagawa*, Hiroki Hashiguchi & Naoto Niki)
    5. "Brainy" Functions in DERIVE
      (Johannn Wiesenbauer)
    6. Approximate Bayesian Computations with Symbolic Integration
      (Lubomir Soukup)
    7. A CAS Aid in the Elaboration of the Expert System Supporting the Managing the Monolithic Construction Process
      (Magdalena Hajdasz & Adam Marlewski*)

    IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings
  3. Approximate Algebraic Computation
    Organizers: M. Noda & T. Sasaki
    1. Approximate Algebraic Computation - IMACS 98
      (David Rupprecht)
    2. Computation of Approximate Polynomial Gcds and an Extension
      (Victor Y. Pan)
    3. Accuracy Analysis of Hybrid Rational Interpolation
      (Hiroshi Kai* & Matu-Tarow Noda)
    4. Approximate Multivariate Factorization and Its Time Complexity
      (Kosaku Nagasaka & Tateaki Sasaki*)
    5. Remarks on Automatic Algorithm Stabilization
      (Kiyoshi Shirayanagi* & Moss Sweedler)
    6. Approximate Implicitation of Rational Surfaces
      (Laureano Gonzalez-Vega* & I. Necula)
    7. ``Approximate Zero-points'' of Univariate Polynomial with Small Error Terms
      (Akira Terui* & Tateaki Sasaki)
    8. Cancellation Errors in Multivariate Resultant Computation with Floating-Point Numbers
      (Tateaki Sasaki* & Tomoyuki Sato)

    IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings
  4. Automatic Differentiation for adjoint codes generation
    Organizer: C. Faure
    1. Reduction of Storage of Variables in Automatic Computation of Adjoint Code
      (Mohamed Tadjouddine)
    2. Generation of the Adjoint Code of the Meteorological Model Meso-NH
      (Isabelle Charpentier)
    3. Using TAMC to Generate Efficient Adjoint Code
      (Ralf Giering & Thomas Kaminski*)
    4. Hierarchical Approach to Automatic Differentiation
      (Marco Mancini)
    5. Joys and Pains of Implementing the Reverse Mode of Automatic Differentiation by Overloading
      (Uwe Naumann)

    IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings
  5. Computation in Algebra and Geometry
    Organizers: A.V. Mikhalev, A.A. Mikhalev & G.F. Pilz
    1. Parallel Poly-Pushdown Automatic Groups
      (Gilbert Baumslag)
    2. Computations in Free Groups
      (Alexei Miasnikov)
    3. Category of Representations of Elementary Knowledge
      (B. Plotkin & Tatjana Plotkin*)
    4. Optimal Parametrization of Algebraic Curves
      (Franz Winkler)
    5. Computations on Quasi Algebraic Set
      (William Sit)
    6. Computation of Standard Bases of Ideals of Free Noncommutative Algebras
      (Alexander A. Mikhalev* & Andrej A. Zolotykh)
    7. Involutive Division and Applications
      (Vladimir Gerdt)
    8. Linear Recurring Sequences over Rings and Modules
      (Alexander V. Mikhalev* & Alexander A. Nechaev)
    9. Computation of Multivariable Differential Dimension Polynomials
      (Alexander Levin)
    10. Graded Codes
      (Justo Peralta Lopez)
    11. On the complexity of the Solution of Polynomial Equations and Systems of Equations
      (Victor Y. Pan)
    12. Matrix Mappings Preserving Diedonne Determinant and their Algorithmic Constructions
      (Elena Kreines)
    13. Graded Mappings of Frobenius Type and their Algorithmic Constructions
      (Alexander Gouterman)
    14. Polynomial Arithmetic mod p using DERIVE
      (Johann Wiesenbauer)
    15. Polynomial Multivariate Decomposition
      (Jaime Gutierrez & Rosario Rubio San Miguel*)
    16. On Computing the Weierstrass Points of a Plane Algebraic Curve
      (Mark Heiligman & Emil Volcheck*)
    17. Computation of Moduli, Periods and Modular Symbols
      (Nikolaj Glazunov)
    18. An Approach to Computing the Action of Steenrod Squares on the Cohomology of Polyhedral Simplicial Sets
      (Rocio Gonzalez-Diaz* & Pedro Real Jurado)
    19. The Involutive Gröbner Walk
      (Oleg Goloubitsky)
    20. Weight Characteristics of Linear Recurrences and Linear Codes over Galois Rings
      (A.S. Kuzmin & Alexander A. Nechaev*)
    21. Software MAGNUS Presentation
      (Gilbert Baumslag & Alexei Miasnikov)

    IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings
  6. Computer Algebra Applications in Biology, Ecology and Medicine
    Organizers: N.I. Gurin, N.K. Zaitsev & V. Edneral
    1. Methods of Computer Algebra for Deciding the Incorrect Problems in Chemical Technologies
      (Nikolai I. Gurin* & G.F. Pinaev)
    2. Computing Threshold Conditions for Models of Infectious Diseases with Reinfections
      (Paul Milligan & Andreas Weber*)
    3. Fractal Time Series Analysis and Predictions for Tumor Spreading
      (Margarita V. Voitikova, presented by N.Gurin*)
    4. Using a Symbol Transformation System Maple for Modeling of Soiling Atmosphere
      (Nikolai I. Gurin* & V.L. Kolesnikov)

    IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings
  7. Computer Algebra Methods in Integration and Symmetry Analysis of ODEs
    Organizers: F. Schwarz & V. Gerdt
    1. Symbolic Computation of Approximate Symmetries for Ordinary Differential Equations
      (Serge Andrianov)
    2. Applications of Computer Algebra to Gasdynamic Problems of Ballistic
      (Alain Carriere* & Louis-Remi Oudin*)
    3. Invariants of Ordinary Differential Equations
      (Matthias Berth)
    4. Involution and Lie Symmetry Analysis of Differential Equations
      (Vladimir Gerdt)

    IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings
  8. Control Theory
    Organizers: P. Dorato & C. Abdallah
    1. Applications of Quantifier Elimination Software to Control System Design: An Overview
      (Peter Dorato)
    2. Solving LMI and BMI Problems by Quantifier Elimination
      (Hirokazu Anai)
    3. On Switched Polynomial Systems and Exact Output Tracking
      (Mats Jirstrand & Dragan Nesi'c)
    4. Application of Mixed QE/Probabilistic Methods for Nonlinear Feedback Design
      (Chaouki T. Abdallah)

    IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings
  9. Dynamical Systems and Mechanics
    Organizers: V. Edneral & N. Vassiliev
    1. Computer Algebra and Problems of Motion Stability
      (Andrej V. Banshchikov & Larissa A. Bourlakova*)
    2. The Usage of the system MATHEMATICA in some Problems of Mechanics
      (Valentin D. Irtegov* & Tatyana N. Titorenko)
    3. Symbolic-Numeric Investigations for Stability Analysis of Lagrange Systems
      (Sergey Gutnik)
    4. Formal Integral and Symplectic Mapping
      (Nikolay N. Vassiliev)
    5. Constructing Some Classes of Specialized Numerical ODE. Integrators by Means of Computer Algebra Systems
      (Nikolay N. Vassiliev* & Nikolay O. Kirsanov)
    6. Symplectification of Truncated Maps for Hamiltonian Systems
      (Serge N. Andrianov)
    7. The Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations: Factorization and Transformations
      (Lev M. Berkovich)
    8. Computer Algebra of Vector Bundles and Complex Foliations of Polynomial Dynamical Systems
      (Nikolaj M. Glazunov)
    9. Systems of Nonlinear and Algebraic Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations
      (Giuseppa Carra'-Ferro)
    10. On Initial Value Problems for Ordinary Differential-Algebraic Equations
      (F. Leon Pritchard* & William Sit*)
    11. Calculations and Applications of Newton Polyhedrons
      (Alexander B. Aranson)
    12. Construction of Doubly Periodic Solutions via the Poincare-Lindstedt Method in the Case of Massless $\varphi ^4$ Theory
      (Sergey Yu. Vernov)
    13. Automata Network Dynamical Systems for Construction of Fractal Objects
      (Vasily M. Severyanov)
    14. Generalized Normal Forms by Relegation
      (Andre Deprit, Jesus Palacian Subiela, Etienne Deprit* & J.-F. San Juan)
    15. Computing Threshold Conditions for Models of Infectious Diseases with Reinfections
      (Paul Milligan & Andreas Weber*)
    16. On Structure Preserving Normal Forms of Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems
      (J. Mikram & Fouad Zinoun*)
    17. Normal Form Method and Approximated Solutions ODEs till the 4th Order Dimension
      (Victor F. Edneral)

    IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings
  10. Education meets Computer Algebra: A Double Challenge(Special Issue in preparation)
    Organizer: B. Kutzler Chairs of subsessions: T. Jebelean, M. Rayes, P. Schofield
    1. The TI-92 as a Vehicle for Teaching Algebraic Thinking
      (Edward Miller* & Laura Bracken*)
    2. Computer Algebra and Education. Examples of Exercises with the Help of MAPLE
      (Frederique Barkats)
    3. Symbolic Maximum Likelihood Estimation with MATHEMATICA
      (Colin Rose & Murray Smith*)
    4. Error Correcting Codes with DERIVE for Windows
      (Peter Schofield)
    5. IDA: an Interactive Document on Algebra
      (Arjeh M. Cohen)
    6. Symbolic Computations with Algebraic Numbers
      (Hans-Gert Graebe)
    7. Teaching Basic Concepts in Analysis with Dynamical Geometry Programs
      (Stefan Welke)
    8. Solving Systems of Linear Equation with the TI-92 - An Example for the Scaffolding Method
      (Bernhard Kutzler)
    9. Complex Application of CA / ICS in High-Tech Engineering Education
      (Ladislav Drska*, Richard Liska & Milan Sinor)
    10. Visualizing Mathematics and Mathematical Processes
      (A. Israel Weinzweig)
    11. Computer Algebra in Teaching Chemistry: a Package for Balancing Chemical Equations (MAPLE)
      (Juan Llovet & Carlos Esebbag*)
    12. Computer Algebra Systems in Applied Mathematics Education: Experiences and Future Directions
      (Peder Thusgaard Ruhoff)
    13. Use of Formulae Bases in Teaching and Learning Mathematics (MATHEMATICA)
      (Margarita Spiridonova)
    14. Introducing and Implementing CAS into Pre- and Inservice Education and Training
      (Yasar Ersoy)
    15. Should Students Do Algebra when Computer Algebra Systems Can Do it for Them?
      (Paul Strickland & Dhiya Al-Jumeily*)
    16. The Use of Computer Algebra in a Step-by-step Solution of Problems (MAPLE)
      (Eno Tonisson)
    17. Chances and Risks of Heuristic Reasoning: Some Examples using DERIVE
      (Johann Wiesenbauer)
    18. Graphing Elementary Real Functions: What Can and Cannot Be Done with a CAS (MAPLE)
      (Eberhard H.A. Gerbracht* & Werner Struckmann)
    19. Should Recursion Be Part of the Secondary Student's Mathematics Toolbox?
      (Antonio Quesada)
    20. Using Theorema for Mathematical Education (MATHEMATICA)
      (Bruno Buchberger & Tudor Jebelean*)
    21. The Computer Classroom Lecture
      (Bill Pletsch)
    22. Computer Algebra Support for Dynamical System Study (MAPLE)
      (Vasiliy Govorukhin* & V. Tsybulin)
    23. Composite Algorithms in the Teaching of Mathematical Methods (AXIOM)
      (Brian Dupee*, Raquel Martinez & Santiago Tapia)
    24. On the Applicability of Intelligent Computer Algebra Systems in Mathematics Education
      (Maria Nisheva-Pavlova)
    25. How To Create Textbooks With Live Mathematics Using LaTeX
      (Richard D. Jenks)
    26. Using DERIVE in Deriving the Numerical Quadrature Formulas
      (Adam Marlewski)
    27. CAS, Educational Microworlds, and the Internet
      (Nurit Zehavi)

    IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings
  11. General Relativity
    Organizers: T. Wolf & S. Klioner
    1. Facilities for General Relativity in Macsyma
      (Richard J. Petti)
    2. Two Applications of Macsyma in General Relativity
      (Richard J. Petti)
    3. A Package for Computation with Indexed Objects within Mathematica and its Applications to Metric Gravity Theories
      (Sergei Klioner)
    4. Simplifications of Tensor Expressions and Computations with Kerr-Schild Metrics
      (Nikolay N. Vassiliev)

    IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings
  12. High Energy Physics
    Organizers: D. Perret-Gallix & V. Edneral
    1. Algebraic Computer Algorithms and Path Integral Methods
      (Edwin J. Vargas Sanchez)
    2. CompHEP - Integrated Computer Algebra System for Calculation in High Energy Physics
      (Victor F. Edneral)

    IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings
  13. High Performance Symbolic Computing and Challenges of Computer Algebra(Special Issue in preparation)
    Organizer: L. Bernardin
    1. Towards Computing the Composition Factors of Permutation Groups of Degree 100,000,000
      (John Cannon)
    2. Data-flow Multithreaded Parallelism in Computer Algebra Algorithms
      (Jean-Louis Roch, Thierry Gautier*, Jean-Guillaume Dumas & Gilles Villard)
    3. Solving the Six-Line Problem with the Dixon Resultant
      (Robert Lewis* & George Nakos)
    4. Challenges of Symbolic Computation: My Favorite Open Problems
      (Erich Kaltofen)
    5. Correct and Useful Simplification of Complex-valued Functions - What can be Done?
      (Rob Corless)
    6. Towards High-Performance Symbolic Computing in MuPAD: Multi-Polynomial Quadratic Sieve using Macro Parallelism and Dynamic Modules
      (Thomas Metzner, Manfred Radimersky, Andreas Sorgatz* & Stefan Wehmeier*)
    7. Constructing Fast Algorithms: The Computational Approach
      (Laurent Bernardin)

    IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings
  14. History of Computer Algebra Applications
    Organizers: M. Grosheva & G.B. Efimov
    1. On Some Computer Algebra Applications in Bulgaria
      (Margarita Spiridonova*, A. Gerov & M. Nisheva-Pavlova)
    2. The History of Computer Algebra Application in Mechanics in Russia (Soviet Union)
      (Gregory B. Efimov* & M.V. Grosheva)
    3. Experience of Development and Usage of Packages of Symbolic Computations Intended for Investigation of Mechanical Systems
      (Andrej V. Banshchikov, Larissa A. Bourlakova*, Galina N. Ivanova, Valentin D. Irtegov, Mikhal A. Novichov & Tatyana N. Titorenko)
    4. Computer Algebra at Keldysh Institute
      (Gregory B. Efimov*, I.B. Tshenkov & E. Yu. Zueva)

    IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings
  15. Industrial Applications
    Organizer: S. Stifter
    1. Industrial Design Aided by Computer Algebra
      (Arjeh M. Cohen)
    2. Polynomial System Solving for Industrial Problems: A Report from the FRISCO Project
      (Laureano Gonzalez-Vega)
    3. CGAL: A Library for Flexible Geometric Computing
      (Remco Veltkamp)
    4. The Algebraic Under Constraint Solver as a Design Tool
      (Hiroyuki Sawada)

    IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings
  16. Problem Solving Environments
    Organizers: J. Johnson & S. Steinberg
    1. The Application Driven Ctadel Environment
      (Robert van Engelen, Lex Wolters* & Gerard Cats)
    2. SciNapse: A Problem Solving Environment
      (Stanly Steinberg)
    3. Perspectives on Integrating Mathematics and Software
      (Richard Petti)
    4. Numerical Simulations by Symbolic Computations?
      (Gustav Amberg)
    5. Wrapping Computer Algebra Components with Java and CORBA
      (Wolfgang Kuechlin)
    6. PSE Construction using Software Components
      (Bruce Char, Jeremy Johnson* & Lakshman Y. N.)

    IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings
  17. Quantum Theory
    Organizer: L. Kocbach
    1. The Perturbed Eigenvalue Problem and its Application to the Solution of the Schrödinger Equation by a kP Perturbation Method
      (Clause-Pierre Jeannerod*, Nicolas Maillard & Eckhard Pflügel)
    2. Symbolic-Numeric Codes and Computer Algebra Systems
      (Ladislav Kocbach)
    3. Generation of Numerical Codes for Evaluation of Atomic Scattering Quantities by Computer Algebra Systems
      (Imad Ladadwa)
    4. Molecular Orbital Integrals using MAPLE in MATLAB
      (Junbai B. Wang)
    5. Computer algebra systems as a tool for computer proofs in quantum logic theory
      (Miroslav Hamouz & Mirko Navara*)

    IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings
  18. Robotics
    Organizer: J. Pfalzgraf
    1. Some Geometric and Computer Algebra Aspects on Modeling Robot Arms
      (Jochen Pfalzgraf)
    2. A Practical Implementation of an Algorithm for Decomposing Sine-Cosine Equations with Parametric Coefficients
      (Jaime Gutierrez)

IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings