1998 IMACS Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra

Special Session:
Applications of Gröbner Bases

Session Organizer:

Quoc-Nam Tran , RISC Linz, Austria

The Gröbner bases method was introduced in 1965 by Buchberger (see [Buch65,Buch70]). Later work by the inventor and by many other researchers in the last three decades has mainly added generalizations of the method and more and more applications for the methods. The Gröbner bases method has become one of the most important methods in providing exact solution of scientific problems in multivariate polynomial ideal theory, computational commutative algebra, elimination theory, solving systems of algebraic equations, etc. It is also being fruitfully used in a variety of seemingly unrelated research areas such as geometrical theorem proving, integer programming, bases for Bezier splines, engineering, etc. The method is implemented in all major computer algebra systems.

Nevertheless, the field is still under active development both into the direction of improving the method by new theoretical insights and by finding new applications. This session (Applications of Gröbner Bases) is dedicated to reporting serious applications of the Gröbner bases method to mathematics, sciences, engineering, logic, education and other research areas.

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