1998 IMACS Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra

Special Session:
History of Computer Algebra Applications

Session Organizers:

Marina Grosheva , Moscow State University, Russia
Georgy Efimov , Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics, Moscow, Russia

Thirty years ago in Prague there was one of the first scientific meetings devoted to Applications of Symbolic Manipulations, as it was named at that time, or Computer Algebra, as now it is usually referred to. It was in August 1967, Colloquium of Congress of Astronomical Union "The Use of Electronic Computers for Analytical Developments in Celestial Mechanics" (Astronomical Journal,v.73,N 3).

Thirty years were passed... Prague again, Computer Algebra Applications again, but thirty years after. This fact provides a solid reason for historical retrospective view. Several generations of computers were substituted by each others, programming languages were significantly changed, new problems are waiting for their solutions now. New generation of scientists came in our area - this is why we would like to remember the names of pioneers who started this work much time ago.

As Russia and other countries concerns, the history of Computer Algebra Applications is rich by events and interesting facts. However; some of projects, conference reports and papers are not well known, since they were not published widely enough. Numerous projects and programs were implemented during this period - from large projects used by many people to programs for special usage. Among those who leaded and participated in these projects and who are absent now? Let's remember well known names V.L.Kantorovich, N.N.Govorun, A.P.Ershov and many others. Historical point of view is very important sometimes for elimination of a repetition of old mistakes and searching solutions which have been already found long time ago. This is the main idea of the proposed session.

IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings