1998 IMACS Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra

Special Session:
Computer Algebra Methods in Integration and Symmetry Analysis of ODEs

Session Organizers:

Fritz Schwarz, , GMD-SCAI, St. Augustin, Germany
Vladimir Gerdt, , LCTA, JINR, Dubna, Russia

Session topics:
- Symbolic integration of ODEs
- Construction of Liouvillian solutions for homogeneous linear ODEs and differential Galois theory
- Factorization of linear differential operators
- Stability and bifurcation analysis of ODEs
- Computation of first integrals for dynamical systems
- Symplectic integration of hamiltonian systems
- Construction of approximate solutions
- Lie symmetry methods
- Solving boundary problems
- Implementation aspects for algorithms designed for analysis and solving ODEs
- Application to science and engineering

The session is considered to be a forum for discussing constructive theory of ODEs, different algorithmic methods of their analysis and integration, efficient implementation and application to science and industry.

It is to be expected that the topics of the conference will be refereed and published in a high-quality journal. Indeed we place special emphasis on the presentation of new work. The session organizers will be taking care of this aspect.

IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings