1998 IMACS Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra

Special Session:
High Energy Physics

Session Organizers:

Denis Perret-Gallix,, CERN, Geneve, Switzerland
Victor Edneral, , Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

Many pioneer developments on Computer Algebra have been made by High Energy Physicists like A. C. Hearn with REDUCE, S. Wolfram (Mathematica), M. Veltman (Schoonschip) or J.A.M. Vermaseren (Form).

From an original narrow field of application these languages have become general purpose tools. This is with the WEB, another example of those HEP specific tools becoming major scientific and industrial used packages.

It is therefore natural that a section of this workshop deals with applications of Computer algebra in High Energy or particle Physics.

This session is intended to discuss computer algebra methods for High Energy Physics and includes a wide set of questions. Some of them are formulated below:

- Generation and symbolic calculation of Feynman diagrams;
- Tools for one and multiloop Feynman diagrams integration;
- Semianalytical approach to cross section calculation;
- Automatic systems for calculation in High Energy Physics;
- Spin calculations in High Energy Physics;
- Generation and verification of Feynman rules for quantum field models of particle interaction;
- Lie algebra and Lie super algebra computation;
- Tensor calculus;
- Optimization of phase space integration;
- Computer programs for Particle Accelerator design;
- Large expressions handling and compactification.

IMACS ACA'98 Electronic Proceedings