1998 IMACS Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra

Special Session:
Computation in Algebra and Geometry

Session Organizers:

Alexander V. Mikhalev, Alexander A.Mikhalev, , Moscow State University, Russia
Guenter Pilz, , University of Linz, Austria

Computer algebra gives effective possibility to realize algorithms for symbolic calculation in different branches of mathematics. This session aims to join researches in the following directions connected with computation in Algebra and Geometry:
- Variations on Groebner bases, normal forms and algebraic representations;
- Complexity of Groebner bases constructions and algebraic computation;
- Computing in Ring Theory (associative rings, Lie algebras and superalgebras, quantum algebras, Jordan and other non-associative rings);
- Computing with groups;
- A computational approach to Semigroups, Automata and Formal Languages;
- Computational Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra;
- Computing with Lattices, Projective, Incidence and Finite Geometries;
- Computing Graph Theory;
- Standard bases in Differential and Difference Algebra;
- Finite fields and rings, Quasigroups, Coding Theory.

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