High Performance Symbolic Computation and Challenges of Computer Algebra

"High Performance Symbolic Computation and Challenges of Computer Algebra" is a special session at the 1998 IMACS ACA conference to be held in Prague, August 9-11.

Following the session "Grand Challenges in Computer Algebra" that was held at last year's IMACS ACA in Maui, this session will concentrate on high performance applications and technology in computer algebra. Its purpose is to foster the communication between people involved in computer algebra applications with large resource requirements and people developing the corresponding enabling technology.

Topics include:

Selected papers from the conference as well as some additional papers will be published together with papers from last year's session as a special issue of the journal of Mathematics and Computers in Simulation (Elsevier).

If you would like to give submit a paper to this volume, please contact me:

Laurent Bernardin
Institut für Wissenschaftliches Rechnen
ETH Zürich

Following is the list of speakers at the 1998 session in Prague.

Last update: November 4, 1998

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