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Transportation in Prague

The Prague Airport Overview

From the Airport to Conference Hotels

  1. Public Transportation.
    • This is the simplest, cheapest and most recommended option. The fare is 20 CZK (cca 1 USD).
    • Here is a PDF document with detailed description of the routes from airport to both hotels.
    • Here are the schedules of buses and tramways described in the PDF document
  2. Hotel Shuttle.
    • If you prefer to be picked up by the driver of Best Western Hotels, you need to make a request at the hotel in advance. The price is 26 EUR. See the hotel reservation form on the conference main page.
  3. Public Taxi Service.
    • The official price should be about 20 to 25 EUR, however overcharging by taxi drivers is common in Prague. This option is not recommended if you want to avoid complications.
    • See section "Transportation in Prague" above for details. Useful tips are also here.
    • More options of airport transportation and outsourced services here.

From Hotels to Conference Venue

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