1998 IMACS Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra

Conference location

The conference will take place at

Hotel Krystal

J. Martiho 2/407
160 41 Prague 6 - Veleslavin
Tel: (+420-2) 316 2765

How to get to the hotel.
You can look at the map of the hotel surroundings which might be also find in the city map system.

A note on the hotel by Michael Wester who already stayed at the hotel:

"ACA'98 will be held at the Krystal Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic. The Krystal is a large hotel servicing Charles University, the Czech Technical University and the Prague School of Economics. It is located a mile or so from downtown on a large boulevard called Evropska. Trams and buses run frequently along Evropska from/to Dejvicka which is a station on the metro near Hradcany (the castle) and which provides convenient access to old Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The rooms in the Krystal are double rooms with bath. Nothing fancy, but pleasant. Breaskfast comes with the room and there is a large self service buffet area on the ground floor. The hotel also has a restaurant and a couple of shops."

We expect that most attendees will live in this hotel for which we will arrange reservations. The prices will be $25 for a single room, $33 for a double room ocupied by two attendees and $45 for a double room ocupied by an attendee and an accompanying person (for attendees we have a reasonable discount as this is an university hotel and the conference is organized by Czech Technical University).

For those who prefer to stay at some other place we suggest to contact Ave Travel Agency which offers reservations of many hotels with prices from $15 to $130. If you prefer to stay downtown choose a hotel from Prague 1. If you prefer to stay close to conference location choose a hotel from Prague 6, e.g. Hotel Diplomat (Evropska 15, Prague 6, price from $85) is a nice hotel close to the conference place.

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